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Brand Name:
UV Coated, Multi Layer, Foam Coating
1/2", 3/4", 1",
Easy installation:
Quick Replacement to G.I.


ROSCA with an innovative spirit, has designed a piping that is ideal for radiator and hot water boiler.

Rosca has designed a piping that is ideal for radiator and hot water boiler operated heating installations. It is the same PP 4 layer pipe with the extrusion of a thermoplastic foam of closed cells used as external layer. Due to its manufacturing method, there are no spaces between insulator and the pipe, avoiding any chance of condensation between them. This external foam layer upgrades pipe's thermal properties and adds an important protection against mechanical requirements with the lowest external diameter throughout market, thus avoiding larger channels. Suitable for outdoor facilities.


Main Advantages



* Excellent Thermal Insulation


4x 4 PLUS has a thermal resistance 30,000 times higher than copper and between 5 and 6 times higher than any other non-insulated polypropylene pipes. This characteristic results in a minimum heat loss of the fluid flown.


Above technical advantage results in significant gas, electricity, water and time saving, as piping operates like a thermos flask, thus enabling a prompt achievement of desired temperature. The service life of water boilers is consequently extended.


* Higher Shock Resistance


4 x 4 PLUS thermoplastic foam coating creates a shock-absorbing layer over the pipe that protects it against working mistreatment and throughout its carriage.



Better Resistance under Extreme Temperature Conditions


An important enlargement in the utilization range under low and high temperature conditions has been determined.



Higher Shock Resistance


4 x 4 PLUS acoustic insulation significantly reduces water hammering and turbulent flowing noises thus insulating any possible vibrations.



No Condensation


Thermal insulation reduces condensed moisture formation over pipe surface and, therefore, moisture propagation towards external wall. Because of its manufacturing system, no clearance is observed between thermoplastic foam and pipe, thus avoiding any condensation chance between them.


* Easy Installation


4X4 PLUS thermoplastic foam coating avoids any piping wrapping, thus allowing its free expansion. Moreover, 4X4 PLUS supplies the best thermal resistance with the lowest external diameter throughout marketplace, thus avoiding larger gutters.