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Istanbul, Turkey
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Sewerage System

We introduce ourselves as importers of various building materials in Pakistan.


We are now introducing Complete Sound Proof Sewerage System first time in Pakistan.


KALDE Premium SUPER MUTE Pipe and Fitting Sewerage system is special patented product of KALDE, Turkey.  SUPER MUTE is Specially made for high rise buildings, It is the first and only polypropylene soundproof pipe system which has full 13db sound transmission in 4LT, therefore it is the quietest pipe produced in Turkey.


Due to its special features and production under high quality manufacturing  with strict quality control, KALDE SUPER MUTE  is used in world’s renoned projects around the globe


Special Characteristics of Super Mute Pipes and Fittings:


  • Superior Sound Insulation in DIN 4109 Norm
  • Flexible Molecular Structure allows higher resistance against impact / strokes than other rigid plastic pipes even at low temperatures 0 s04; C.
  • High temperature resistance 95 10;C, ( short-term 110 S04; C ) ( DIN 1986,  DIN 1 2056 )
  • Flame Resistance: DIN 4102
  • Excellent resistance to Chemicals: pH 2-12
  • 100% impermeability due to unique seal design, Ease of combination and installation.
  • Available in 32mm to 200mm Diameters with 150mm to 6000mm length.
  • Does not leave toxic gas during fire
  • High resistance corrosion
  • Smooth flow surface
  • Long Life


Advantages of Super Mute:


  • Super Mute prevents hearing of noise formed by the impact of the waste in the internal surface of the pipe with high molecular weighted special formula and 3-layer structure.
  • PP Material provides higher impact resistance, long life and smooth flow surface
  • Special structure of Super Mute reduces the vibrations on the installation system substantially. Thus, the contact noise and roaring occurred as a result of vibration inside the building is prevented.
  • Super Mute enhances quality of life and also contributes to an increase in the value of property